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Friday, February 29, 2008

Jobless Nite!

Hahaha...jeles jua ku tu....bibie posting herself posing wt her new hair...

look at me lastnite oso jobless.....ptg ke saloon cuci rambut online d sana n ordered pizza then rumah eam jap then lik umah hehehehe..... pedah bah cuci rambut belawa tp nada kemana2 hehe....... :P~ tp yatah kajaku smlm ni...ahahaha self-posing....hahah jobless banarrrr...

Aisehhhh........ mcm model laa tu konon...liat bawah ahahhahahaha

I cant wait for my front hair to grow long again...sigh.....
tadi ku nampak this girl masa d sushi...lawaaaa brabis her hair bobstyle.....

Here are some pics taken while i was in KL last January2008....

saja kan sharing...

Left: Wt Nanem..the nite i arrived KL...they fetched me up wt her kl cuzin wat's his name again..but he's cute.... :P di luar bilik kami d Capitol Hotel
Right: Me n Nanem inda dpt tdur....we ended up goin for late nite Massage nearby ahaha...

Left: Me lookin bored while online hehe...posing jua ahhaa..
Right: Trying on nanem's new dress ahahahaha....

It was definitely a Shopping Marathon time!

Left: Wt Fatin at the backseat of taxi otw to OU Damansara
Right: While shopping....posing jua.... at OU

Goshh....i look tiny standing next to my kl fren Dino (Frequency Cannon's drummer) aka pop shuvit's drummer Rudy punya brother or andy Estranged's brother (hahaha explained brabis)..n Nanem's fren sapakah namanya lupaku hehehe... melangoi wah ku....bida plg angle ahahaha


Hey....me n nona currently in gdg...updating from Coffeezone gdg...We had sushi tadi before kami ke sini..hehe jgn jeles..... kamu bila lagi join kami ngedate hehehe....indakan update saja..ngedatelaa ramai2... :P

Nona's joining us at last....

Wt Rena...after such a long time...it's kinda like a reunion..miss her alot

The girls..... we finally got the private room...thanx to me hehe...

This is my second try on our video upload, babes.. The 1st one,shall i say not really a success.. i am still waiting for the video to upload.. hopefully this will be successful *finger-crossed*.
Since this is my 1st time to make our movie.. hehe so i just hope that u guys enjoy the movie as much as i do ;p cheers!!


finally *sigh*

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First of all, miss hanging out w u guys..mcm lama sja..it's been a busy week for me...btw, i've just coloured my hair..hehe i'm loving it..my hairstylist, Lawrence of Idyll La Crista Salon, recommended me the red highlights to have the 2 tones effect..i was a bit sceptic at first as i've never tried red before. However, i decided to give it a try anyways..The outcome is very very satisfying..hehe i love it..Bain said "Tarang eh...tpi lawa" hehehe it's okay, i decided that i want to have a different colour jua..check out my pics...

im trying to create our video from our last picnic.. sorry if it's not that fancy.. but i do hope u babes..enjoy the video..cheers!! ;)))

p/s: prasan ckit about the song ah.. hehe as a motivation guys ;p hee kan..kan..
*This clip is produced only for the sake of the babes entertainment purposes only..(copyright reserved) ;p enjoy!!

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ciri-ciri Lelaki idaman Mimiey Ferrari
1. MESTI ada Tahi Lalat Bawah Bibir ah! Bigger the size...higher the chances.. :P
2. Kalau boleh ada janggut sikit....jgn jambang..bukan jambang bukan kisai...janggut..pebaik 3 helai saja ahahahhahahaa
3. Gundul is a bonus...kalo inda pon inda apa..yg penting ada ciri no.1!!! :P

Some of My ArtWork
This one is called "BACKSTABBER"

"Pierce-Freak" in Oil Pastel
posted by: Mimiey Farrah Ferrari (The Turtle Addict)

Happy Birthday To Amin!

We were havin fun yesterday at Fratini's actually didnt plan for this celebration..i was craving for the Fratini's Seafood linguine and the baked creamy chicken and ended up offering lyna to join me n nona havin our late lunch..hahaha... kes tais liur gara2 mempost gambar yg lapas2 atu..nah ahahhaa..and i ordered both ahaha inda buang peluang..... inda apabah one day saja mkn brabis...hehe.... Eam n Amin joined later... as well as leejah...
Me n lyna bought a rose for Amin as well as this Oreo cheese cake.... very simple but yg penting ada nama The babehs wah on the cake...ahahahhaa..nama amin inda plg penting tu...hehehe
Amin..ur lucky..to be celebrated by berbagai kategori babes...ahahaha married babe, engaged babe, someone's babe, single babe ahahhahaha..... anda bangga? lol

Me and lyna forcing Amin to accept our proposal ahahhahaa...memajal kami ah..... ahahhahaa

Amin couldnt express how happy he was.... "wahhhh so sweetttttt" he said...ahaha mihiw....aku saja buat script..ahahaha ko diam aja min ah ahahhahahaha

Posing in front the dynasty hehehe.....

p/s: nanti lagi ku post other pics..... hehe berat yo....

posted by: Mimiey Farrah Ferrari (The Turtle Addict)
Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Bday To Amin!!!
Sorry ah alum ku upload gmbr tani lepak d Fratini's tadi...hehe esuk tah d skul..lakas skit kalo kai dellku...hehhe....
Anyway to Amin..... jagala bunga rose dari aku sama lyna ahh...... untung ko tu min.... ku inda penah bagi laki2 bunga Rose...ahaha ko laaa org yg pertama....sweet kan kami atu...ahahahahhahahahahhahahahhaha....aku kan belajar jadi sweet girl ni hahaha.... ko trial kami saja hehehe.... tp ikhlas tu min dun worri..... tp ko kalo ada gf jgn ko expect gfmu yg kasi ko bunga plg...ko yg patut bagi tu min..... dangar tu? hehehehe :P
Bah babe-babe yg ada..... confirmkan bila every1 free then we can decide when's the Baking day will be..... + bibie..... inform me wat time we're gonna gather umah eam on ur pre-shot's day..... ok... Owh...tadi aku ke Fyroz jaya Qlap....hehe i ended up buying 3 more kains...huhu.... 2 songket silk of maroon n blue colors...and one colorful color... and i bought 8 tudungs today ahahhaa...brabis.... tapi aku suka....... :P esuk ku antar kain ku..tuk bibie tunang nanti...... :p
posted by: Mimiey Farrah Ferrari (The Turtle Addict)

I Found our previous Photos lagi!! @FRATINI's GADONG

Baked Creamy Chicken- Always the best!
And my all time favorite! Seafood Linguine! yummmmmmy
Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hey babes!

I was browsing for my project just now then trus cia teingat kan checkin on Pavlova! owh...btw jus incase ada yang inda pernah rasa..it's realllllllllyyyyy yummy! i've tried it few times @ my fren's open house...nyaman she baked it on her own..... so teingat tah ku jua..iatah ni browsing for the recipe online.... and here are some of the pavlova posted on flickr.... just incase if u girls are wondering cana usulnya..... should be easy la kali..cuz it's simply made of sugar heheh ooopsss...atu bukan plg diet tu ehhehe tp...we modify laa the sugar level...hehehe :P

And here are the recipe for Pavlova Meringue Cake
Meringue Cake:
4 large (120 grams) egg whites
1 cup (200 grams) superfine (castor) sugar
1 teaspoon white vinegar
1/2 tablespoon cornstarch (corn flour)
1 cup (240 ml) heavy whipping cream
1 1/2 tablespoons (20 grams) granulated white sugar
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
Fresh fruit - kiwi, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, passion fruit, peaches, pineapple, or other fruit of your choice (How about tani pakai M&M.... unique kali tu ah color full ahahaha)
Cara-cara membaking: hehe...antah baca cia...panjang ah...
Preheat oven to 250 degrees F (130 degrees C) and place rack in center of oven. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and draw a 7 inch (18 cm) circle on the paper.
In the bowl of your electric mixer, with the whisk attachment, beat the egg whites on medium-high speed until they hold soft peaks. Start adding the sugar, a tablespoon at a time, and continue to beat until the meringue holds very stiff peaks. (Test to see if the sugar is fully dissolved by rubbing a little of the meringue between your thumb and index finger. The meringue should feel smooth, not gritty. If it feels gritty the sugar has not fully dissolved so keep beating until it feels smooth between your fingers). Sprinkle the vinegar and cornstarch over the top of the meringue and, with a rubber spatula, fold in.
Gently spread the meringue inside the circle drawn on the parchment paper, smoothing the edges, making sure the edges of the meringue are slightly higher than the center. (You want a slight well in the center of the meringue to place the whipped cream and fruit.)
Bake for 1 hour 15 minutes or until the outside is dry and takes on a very pale cream color. Turn the oven off, leave the door slightly ajar, and let the meringue cool completely in the oven. (The outside of the meringue will feel firm to the touch, if gently pressed, but as it cools you will get a little cracking and you will see that the inside is soft and marshmallowy.)
The cooled meringue can be made and stored in a cool dry place, in an airtight container, for a few days.
Just before serving gently place the meringue onto a serving plate. Whip the cream in your electric mixer, with the whisk attachment, until soft peaks form. Sweeten with the sugar and vanilla and then mound the softly whipped cream into the center of the meringue. Arrange the fruit randomly, or in a decorative pattern, on top of the cream. Serve immediately as this dessert does not hold for more than a few hours.
Taken from: Http://www.joyofbaking.com/pavlova

See? I really like it..I still look like me..not someone else
What do you think, Na? well-defined jaw lines? see? less chubby cheeks...
Oooo...I'm happy! I like... A satisfied smile of the outcome..Thanks Mimi Ferrari..
Since THE BABEHS clan is multi-lingual, let me do my part in English aa..since we have Malay, Tutong, what else? I think that's all..As you all know, my engagement is coming soon..I'm pretty nervous..feels like nikah hahaha how would i know the nikah feeling? i'm not even married yet..since, lyna wants Mimi to do her make up as well for her mandi berlawat. i feel obligated to post my pics..make-up done by Mimi Ferrari..na, what do you think? Oh yeah, mimi my offer is still on sleep-over the night of 9th March..i have espeed...(*tempting mimi*)

UpComing Events:

1. Bibie's pre-engagement photo session (ehems...me n eam menyalat ni krg....hehehe)
2. Sushi-ing with Leejah n Rena (Jah...jgn gto rena tani kan bwa sushi..krg inda ia mau hehehe....sabotaj sikit..biar ia pandai sushi....)
3. Movie Marathon - bah siuk ni if tani ramai2 girls day out watching movie ramai2...tp kalo kan bawa laki, baby, tunang, bf, skandal, amah....driver..dan yg sewaktu dgnnya..bleh......hehe....syarat dgn izin yg berkenaan hehehe...
4.Hiking! Conductor - Mimiey... :P hehehe..biar kamu ku bawa jauh2...sapa mau badan lawa baiktah ikut my advice...mau jubz lawa..heart shape...rajin2 naik bukit..biar firm!! :P untuk sapa jua? untuk laki jua tu... :P ehemss.... inda ja...? jaaaaaaaaaaaa
5. KL Marathon in May ...huhu..... apartment kana sediakan udah tu bie....udah dirunding tu....free jua smlm hehe..yg penting shopping @ OU!!! i like!!!!

Liat wyg di Midvalley n chill out di coffee bean Klcc wif Zed n da gangs.

Semalam di Shazad cafe.. Awu c-am sama mimi ah kejam minum sejuk dpan aku..nda apa nya urg kalau nda minum sejuk maintain cute!!! hahah anyaman kn hati.

Ani masa d Aprils.. Toh tempat mkn jua nada tempat lain kah? masa di taurean plang tani nada begambar ah.
Monday, February 25, 2008

Mimiey Dulu-dulu Dan Sekarang...haha

Once upon a time... 2005 in KL babes...

na...ingat u...u kana approached leh si MC...ahhahahahhaha

kenangan tu....manis bah darah orang betunang ah abis wah kana aga ni....hehehe.....

Babe...baru sampai hotel...udah posing....tapi lapar udah yo..

Coronade Hotel December2006

while waiting x na ahahhaa.... kan ke Redbox ah.....

rinduku rambut panjang ah...nyasal jua ku gunting....

+ Kurus yo........

Rambut sekarang...sebelum ku gunting rambut dapan..sigh...i hate my front hair now...
batah nunggu panjangnya ....
December 2005 -Waiting for my Tom Yam Kung
@ SECRET RECIPE our all times favorite Cafe in KL
Lepaks time @ Lyna's crib :o) i really miss my long hair..lol
ngalih saja menjaga babe...tautah kamu aku ani...nada pandai jaga rambut ...hehe...
@Ideal's Cafe...inda ku tau napa ya HP ku ani very yellow effectnya....
Babe...inda u rindu tu time badan kurus lawa hot.... (hint!hint! bek tah join me jogging!...tapi minta izin dulu abg Don ...haha.... :P)

Well i juz wna add & share on sum of oder pics.that i personally luv..actuali, i luv most of them plng but some hv to b censored due to sum reasons....(guys u know wat i mean) hihi..*winks*

Pose!! Well wat else can i say.. we love taking picture waah..hehe

And..recently..at our fav. port..hihih..
The make up trial courtesy of clazel 1711.

we simply lurrrve it ;)

When will be the next session? haha *iski*

Plus the pics of the good old days jua ...can.. ;p

Shoot.. we reali need to work out babes..LoL..

The best i can do fo now wil update with you guys soon..hehe..

XOXO Luludia21
p/s: bru jie balik nyamoo..sengkor jie..nanti jie ngisu basa tutg dlm blog kita ituh.. heheh..practice makes perfect ;)