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Monday, April 28, 2008


Anyone? anyone? lol...i've been longing for our next BBQ Gathering.... ok this time how bout we do steamboat? d pantai? shud be fun.... either d hutan simpan brakas or just d pantai tutong arah jalan pengasing...more privacy... anything pls propose a date....We need more photos lol..after all leejah already habis exam..so im sure u r free now rite jah?

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ScrapBooking 9

I've still got one more scrapwork i did yesterday but it's not really done yet so im not posting it lah...

For the meantime... enjoy viewing some of my art examples for my students reference below:


"Seeing Life"


Any1 interested to join us for the scrap session wt Scrap4less bah join yer.... bring along ur tools

Day: Friday (2nd May 2008)

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M.f.f (The Turtle Addict)
Saturday, April 26, 2008

Scrapbooking 9 - GFs

This is what i did while waiting to watch the AF show n Premiere league (Man utd lost to Chelsea...sighhh.... i kno sunshine is smiling... :P i think the jersey gave u luck :P)

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M.f.f (The Turtle Addict)

More LOs & Stuffs...

M.f.f in action...
April's Kits From ShabbyChic & BalQis'
More Scrapbooking LOs
My CS3's LO of KK Trip Scrap-page

Scrapbooking 7- Pockyliciousz

Scrapbooking 8 - Housemates

Okay readers...these are jus few stuffs i could upload for now... Quite a tiring day but yeah i had great friday goin out wt Bibie & Lulu... Everything worked as planned :o).. We went to Jeeds & Sarah Dee's Homeshop... Bibie...haha as predicted will be the shoppaholic of the day... well... that's what u r rite bie...hehe..but yeah it's a worth bargain....and after all they are all for her "hantaran" so i have no objection for that... :o) Bie! I really love that supermodel bag.... bah suruh didi simpan! :P~ As for me.... i have my Lush Orchid Tote for just $10 thanks to Sarah Dee (ehemss...not to mention ur real name here...+ i love the name Sarah Dee....more commercial..hehe) & i simply love my BBW Japanese blossoms.... ill put it on myself tomorrow...so that everyone would notice how sweet i smell... ;o) Fingers-crossed! haha...but im pretty confident about it...or else id just promo it to them :P~ hint-hint! Discount for future visit ah... :P~

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M.f.f (Turtle Addict)
Friday, April 25, 2008

Shopping CRAZY later?

Not applicable to me lah...:P It's to Bibie! hehe....
We're going to Jeeds & Sarah Dee's home-shopping store~! :o) And i've already booked the Orchid Tote! ;o) Then we're going to watch Over My Dead Body or LOVE kali... so we'll see later..we havent booked for the seats yet.... but im sure inda ramai since org kapih ni hahha....

Laporan Daripada: <--haha standard ah!
Thursday, April 24, 2008

My new LOs

Not done yet....

Okay girls... i kno scrapbooking can be a little expensive hobby...but if u wanna save ur budget...here are some tips... just like the old times... scrapbooking should actually start from recycle stuffs.....

* Buttons set can be a little expensive but if u notice, my buttons here are all hand-made buttongs.... i drew it on the thick hand-made paper, apply color and also metallic pen to highlight. cool kan? hehe.... u can make it urself too... or else im gonna make more of these soon and we can trade stuffs if u wish ;o) (inda mau rugi bah...... barter trade system.... :P)

* Lace from your old dresses haha..but that's not old lace ah.... it was meant for my new kain tp ended up using it for my scrapbooking activity.

* Paper clips from Bismi or Mubarak are more cheap and if u dun like it gold, u can paint it using poster color paint.... as well as the Brads....

* Wrapping papers are much more cheaper than those expensive paper specially made for scrapbooking.... ;o)


M.f.f (The Turtle Addict)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hi..guys.. sorry for not being around lately.. we always seem to come up with a wrong timing eh.. but at the mo, i bet u guys know where to find me ayt.. eheh..
thank so much to my dear colleague for lending me his memory card reader ;) and now i am able to upload some of my scrap works..

This is actually my first project and part of the reason on how i started to fall for scrapbooking.. it is a mini album of us.. i was planning to give this album to him for our anniversary but ended up still being with me because of the cover which is still in progress lols..

1st scrapwork with the babes.. thanks to them for contributing most of the materials due to my limited stuffs ;D (courtesy of bibie and mimie) i really love the outcome ;)

The end product of my simple scrap work,more embellishments will be add up soon hehe

current one.. sorry reader if it is not that fancy nor artistic.. (i'm still an amateur) =p

Last nyt work.. and still working on this one.. some final touch up then it will done..
K then.. that's for now will update with u guys soon...
comments are very much appreciated.. hv a great day..tc..chio..

reported from school XD
-luludia- xoxo


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It has been awhile since I updated this blog..as a request from Mimi, finally, i have updated it..hehehe..we did a 'minor shopping' after our afternoon drinks..hehehe thanks for introducing me to the 'brads' it looks really cool..i have used some in the last piece which is still in progress.

Me & My other half ;p

Atish, my closest colleague's daughter (I'm proud of this piece!!)

Chester & Charlton, Penny's precious babies & for the 1st time, I've given my piece to someone..It's ok, it's totally worthed!

Siti, one of my nicest colleagues ( Front)

Siti & Nazmi 'Majlis Bersanding' (Back)'

A simple one...

I tried using a new technique here, i used oil pastels here..it has nice effect but this peace is still W.I.P..(work in progress)

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Bibie (The Shoppaholic a.k.a Heart Addict)

Scrapbooking 6 - "My Family Trip To KK"
I was truly inspired to do another scrapbooking of my previous family trip to KK (while talking to my Sunshine friend ;o) ) and im quite happy with the outcomes.. ;o)

I'll post my few sketch plans before i ended up with this layout...haha peningss.....(tomorrowlah ok...)

CS3-ing @ Work (during my free time tu ah!)

Another contemporary design for bibie's wedding invitation card..i like this one better bie... here i show the sketch plan as well so you will get the idea how it might look like in real.

Please click on the picture to view the enlarge version.

Layouts for Scrapbooking

These are my very own layouts for scrapbooking...feel free to use them ;o)

~Good luck~

True Addiction;
M.f.f (The Turtle Addict)

Scrapbooking, Friday, 18th April 2008
Bad internet connection can be very frustrating and annoying...i was very mad i swore (luruska?) the whole nite...and the only thing that soothes my anger towards TELBRU (haha wake up TELBRU people! Are u reading this? yes im mad!!! very very mad...Paying $88 monthly is not worthed with such a bad connection which kept on disconnecting every few minutes...WTF???)...back to my current soothing therapy (other than my all times hobby of CS3-ing)... Scrapbooking .... and this is the product of my bad mood day!...haha doesnt even look like i was in anger....

"My Bestfriend, My Travelling Partner 2006"

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M.f.f (The Turtle Addict)
Monday, April 21, 2008

My UK Memories in 2000-2002 (Random pics)

Back then in Manchester City, 2001- with Ryan Giggs. It felt like i was the luckiest girl to meet n posing up wt him....He's sooooooooooooooooooooooooo charming n so Gigggsy! And he's so tall! Me and Nina didnt wanna lose the chance to "RABA-RABA" Him! ahahaha..... who cares?? It's Ryan Giggs wah!! I've always been in love with him....

Old Trafford!

It doesn't matter if u cant really see me n watie clearly there...but look at the big name right above! MANCHESTER UNITED! Yeah!! MU Rox! Check out for the current status in the premiere league's website! :P

Posing in the city...

I think it was taken right before heading to the cinema..dun remember wat movie we watched tho... but it was really windy that nite and we totally had fun taking pics together... btw.. from left: Azri (Our Talented Skater who won the skateboard contest..we watched him competing against the org putih there! & a computer Freak..i remember seeing his room full wt sound systems connected to his computer...VERY COOL!) , Me, Nina & Hjh Lina

On the way to Stafford Castle, Stafford UK

It's me & my housemate, wanie...on our way to Stafford Castle.. it took us around 2hrs walking to the castle ahaha.... it was sunny but still windy n cold. So we didnt really feel tired walking..it was fun after all..at the same time we enjoyed the sceneries along the journey to the castle.

My Cooking Partner back in Cardiff if stay over at their house, Madi (very very closed fren and he's a very good cook..he made the best serunding ever tasted in uk :P) i remember paddling on boat together mcm couple bah kami dua pagi2 buang stress d tasek at the cardiff park nearby....my shopping partner tukang pilih jacket ku yg masih ku pakai sampai ani. And the tall guy, my Architect friend Khairul, lost contact wt him sudah..not sure if he's already married now or still somewhere else. These were few guy friends i used to close with when we all first arrived in UK.

Hangin out with the girls in London.
From left; Wanie (My housemate), Me, Melanie (My bestfriend...we met again in london after 3 yrs), Nina (my other bestfriend since form 4), Mona (Nina's friend) and Hjh Lina (Nina's housemate)

My other hangin out partners in Bayswater, London. Aqih and Apan.

Taken at one of the train n tube station in London..I forgot where this was. But all i can remember was....we (me n ceceh geck) were both lost after taking a bus ride (stayieee! skali jauh jalan kami and we didnt kno where we were...) last2 ambil tube..and thank god we finally reach euston station haha cali..... owh yeah i kno i was a very skinny back then.... and yeah it was summer bah...so didnt bother to wear long sleeve...hehe... ramping aku tu dulu ah..i miss having that shape! lol...tapi awuu i kno i was sooo kurus!

p/s: more pics will be uploaded soon..owh sorry about the picture quality...haha i had to take another snapshots of the original pics since i dun remember wer i keep the film negatives..hehe...

You kno u LOVE me;
M.f.f (The Turtle Addict)
Saturday, April 19, 2008

More Graphic CS3 works

I remember Bibie was asking me to design her wedding invitation card. These are just two examples of contemporary designs. I'll design more examples in the future k bie... :o)

My little nephew Aqil Al-Muallim:

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New Scrapbook kits collection

Yesterday, me n bibie went to her friend's house Penny and Kath was there as well.. We stayed til 11+ then we went to Giant at last! haha...here we officially announce..we're no longer Giant' virgins <--lol is that what u call it kah bie? i forgot...lol pls correct me..im no english teacher..ahaha antam sajalaaa....
And we bought more papers from Shabby Chic.... hehe...and another scrapbooking pack...hee....cant get enough of it....

An edited version of My latest scrapwork of pockyliciousz girls (my UK closed mates)
Friday, April 18, 2008

Another CS3 Artwork :o)

Told ya...im so much in love wt CS3....always crazy for the brushes created by those talented designers...

It's never enough;
M.f.f (The Turtle Addict)