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Friday, April 24, 2009

Boring FRiday? But Productive Day~

I was bored...i woke up by a collegue's call to ask regarding my banner file... hope he gets it done by monday....

Anyway my friday was a little boring.... other than feeling uncomfy wt the pain ... and i needed to come up wt something....so i ended up doing some photoshops (yesss instead of scrapbooking...i dun have the guts to clean up the mess after doin it...thats y :P~) and here they are...

Like it? Cuz i do! :o)~

I've been thinkin of producing newsletter for the ArtDepartment. I was asked to come up wt a new plan under our Art Dept activity. So i think this is one of the best i can come up with and not that difficult to do...(as long as they are willing to sponsor for the coloured cover! :o) ) This is just a sample for the first edition of the ArtCore newsletter and im not sure it will be ready to publish..i still need to discuss with some of my girls and collegues and collecting more articles to fit in the newsletter... hopes it will work tho!!! Back me up!! :oP~
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Friday, April 17, 2009

For the love of Scrapping & SG Dream :o)

Guess what!! I've spent another $97.50 for my scrap purchased today! haha Couldnt resist myself from buying the new arrivals! Went to SC after watching Hotels for dogs wt my PP students (cuz our schedule for the pingpong tournament kana tukar tomorrow!! urghhh!!)...

I had just finished scrappin another LO on Scrapmojo April challenge "My Imaginary friend!" hahaha... mr Turtle~ see...how we look good together...dont u think? if only he could talk.... hehe

Owh yesterday morning after my subuh prayer...i even had times to scrap this little ATC for my collegue Ckg Hasrinah as promised... it feels such a relief whenever i can do something for my friends... :o)

Owhh..did i tell u i'd done a little cleaning up and tidying up my room lastnite..and i've got my own scrappin corner too now..hehe but it's not that goodlaa..wait till i do something more nanti..i even had to clear off some of my stuff away... cant believe i've got like 3 big "kantong bedagang" of my bag collections!! and hav to keep them in the store room just to clear the space.... lol...

I surely need to do something on this area! (fingers-crossed! x haha)
And another good news... our trip to KL-SG is confirmed!! Wuhoooo!! lucky me i managed to get cheap tket to KL less than Bnd$200 thank god to the economy promo price! and the bad news is... i have to control myself from spending after this.... budgetting! budgetting! cuz our trip in june will be before the pay day!!! lets hope i can make it~
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Scrappin my NameTag~

i was bored! very-very bored! eventhough i kno i still got more notes to be prepared....and some timetable slots for nx yr to be handed in a.s.a.p~ n yet...i decided to scrap my name on a cardboard... so i can place it on my desk... Easy for u to find me :P~

that's it ...till then..
Monday, April 13, 2009

Scrapping the Notebook for Artz-De-Scrap Challenge~

I was a little tensed this evening...i was supposed to do some paperworks but i needed something to clear my minds off those stuff for a while, so i decided to scrap my empty school notebook for the Artz de scrap challenge. So here it is.....

this is it...
M.f.Y (Turtle Addict!)
Monday, April 6, 2009


another stress-reliever lo.... for tonite before im goin to bed....

Gnyte every1~!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy LO...

before im off to bed..i did this....

Gdnyte everyone~
Friday, April 3, 2009

A short break~

And a B Shape Frame LO for Bibie~

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A LO finally!

As i mentioned previously...i cudnt wait to scrap...i almost didnt feel like doin it but i was feeling a little guilty seeing all the stash on my floor hehe..so i finally decided to give it a try.... and yeay! finally a new LO after few months of scrap-break! :P The picture used was taken during our KL trip in december 2009..... huhu New Year in KL was so much fun! It's such a relief to actually realized that i made a right decision to stay n celebrate the new yr in KL wt my best of friends rather than goin to Kedah....cuz deep down in my heart that day...it wasnt the right thing to do...seems like i just cud feel the instinct...as if thing wont work out...and it does happened! glad it's over but it's a relief! to be honest..i do feel better~ :o) Hugs!
And this LO dedicated to both Bibie & Leejah! Thanks for the sharing the new year moment together! love u babes!


Scrap Purchase~!

Heeee.... did u read that? haha i kno i havent been scrapping for so long now...but yet...i still cant stop shopping for more scrappin stuff! Today was a bit busy day for me...My class was full frm morning till lunchtime..then i rushed back home for noon shower n quickly had my lunch then rushed to the Co-curriculum Department in Lambak for the Art competition meeting...@2:15. I left home at 2pm and reached there @2.30pm... haha brabut.... Luckily it finished by few minutes to 4pm...so i went to Mall Gadong while waiting Leejah finished watching movie wt her fiance..cuz we planned to meet up at Shahcity hill for jogging... (owhh did i mention we went for a jog as well yesterday...hehe) so while waiting for her..i went up to shabbychic .... haha and guess u kno it... hehe i ended up buying more..... honestly they're all worth-buying! hehe... lawaaaaa brabiss...n i wud consider it cheaper... hehe or it was jus me! :P i spent upto $76.50.... and im loving it! hehe... here are some snapshots of my purchase! :P get ready......to drooooooool... :P

My whole scrap purchased! lovin it!

The chipbox sooooooooo lawa!

Love the mini tags!

These are my favorites! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr~

see! told u! they're just so prettaye!
Verrrryyyyyy sweeeeet~ and believe me they're like lotsssss !! i cant wait to scrap! (fingers-crossed! haha)

Kan! kan! haha...... obsessed!

K&Co's never failed to amaze me! super lovin it! :P

This is it for today's update~
bah babes..kamu lagi update lor~
p/s: btw, bila tani liat sunset beramai2? tomorrow im goin for another jog @ shahcity around 5+pm.... im seriously lookin fwd to get really2 fit... n healthy haha :P~
till then...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Trust me i cried watching the dance by these two amazing dancers! I've never been a good dancer..infact i cant dance.... yet..they have yet made it the most beautiful dance ever! Very touching..... so true so beautiful....


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