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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Watch out for HOT K-Drama & K-Movie lists!

I've been browsing for the new K-Dramas and here are wat i came up with:

My Lady (2008)

Me & My Baby (the movie)

I REally, Really Like You series (2006) featuring Eugene

Be Strong Geum-Soon (Release Date : September 2005) featuring Han Hye-Jin

When Spring Comes featuring Park Geon - Hyeong, Lee-Ha-Na(My girl)
FYI: Sources taken from http://www.AsianDB.com
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Not Much Updates?
Hey readers...sorry...we havent been updating much lately.... im busy wt exam week n marking weeks lately.... i havent even started anything on my Artz de scrap project... especially the fact that i only received the 6" x 6" felt yesterday.....hence.... havent touch anything on it...lol....
heee... to Viv: hahaha Yoo rox my world! heee...he's perfect ah...heee.. FYI...i havent finished watching One Fine Day..honestly the only reason that make me stay wt it was Yoo..but the fact that the story is so boring and very slow progress...hehe so i only watched upto episode 4 i think..i havent continued it yet... instead i'd finished watching My Girl as requested n borrowed by Bibie...since she had been telling me how HOT the guy was in the series...heeee..i have to admit that bie..... he's very good looking.....honestly more good looking than yoo.... but i still love yoo more...hehhe...but yeah...i give 5 stars to the My Girl la...... eventho it seemed like it took me longer to finish it...but i love the story plot.... slow progress but really hurting me.... i just finished watching it in 2 days rite..... i think im gonna buy my own dvd nanti... my next target will be Princess Hours..since Eun hye is in it...and my bro also recommended me to watch it...owh... did i already mention that my bro had been to the Coffee Prince shop in Korea... now i know the reason y he went to Korea last march.... he had already watched CP in January...and fell in love wt the series too....so he went to Korea just to visit the shop! lol.... I was told that the shop only officially open after the drama finished.. And he said the drinks are quite expensive.... it cost him B$80 for 2 cups of coffee.... very expensive indeed! i wonder how good does it taste..... i still wanna go there!! lol... wait till Yoo is out from his national service! i wanna meet him!! lol....wonder when will i get to go there!!!! sigh... hehe

Well...this is for today's update.... will update soon when i have more news to share.... sorry no pics for today.....

p/s: I'm goin to Miri on 31st August...wt leejah n the fiance and 2 other guys our bodyguard....yeay!!! i cant wait for shopping?? no...one of my only reason is to buy my maxis top ups! haha... :P

Friday, August 22, 2008

"Adorable Ones" - Win-A-Rak #1

This is my take on the 1st challenge by Win-A-RAK
. For the very first challenge, they want us to scrap about our mom... and since this is one of my fav pic of my mom n my little nephew that i love most...i chose this as the main subject. They both look so perfectly adorable together...aren't they? They make the best couple when they're together.... so i hope this will be counted in! :o)

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"Little One" - LO for S.I.C's Challenge

Finally...after such a long break from scrapbooking....and as previously requested by a sweet lady Alin, i finally decided to join the challenge by S.I.C using Viv's sketch. So here is my LO:

For more details on the LO please click HERE
or the banner below :o)

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

BeautiFOOL Disaster

Hey readers, sorry for the late updates. We've been busy wt some commitments....And we havent been scrapping lately..... Besides lacking of mojo..... im pretty much engaged wt my addiction towards Korean Drama and more of artworks for students' references. But i did a little bit of scrapping for my bestfriend's bday letter.... something to impress and cheer him up and as a reminder to him...that im still around and always there for him!

I had recently finished watching another Yoo's previous series Star Candy & Biscuit Teacher. The story quite slow but i m pretty much satisfied wt the ending... I still personally think... Yoo's the perfect hero for every dramas..... The sweet gentlemen...who always ended up crying more than the girls in the dramas....awwww........ so touching...... i love him more than my Exes! ahahhahahahahah..... yes....u can say im crazy! I'm even thinkin to go to Korea if i hav enuff cash! ahahaha..... But let's go to KL first! I miss doing all the crazy shopping..... I need more MOMOE's in my collection......

Anyway here are some of my photoshop artworks which will be use as references for my future paintings and scrapbooking....im even thinking of producing postcards or paper prints.... but lets say it's just one of my wishlist for now....hahaha i can be a little ambitious but less effort....lol... and let's hope i'll be doing some scrapbooking this weekend...... fingers X~!

Beautifool Disaster 1 - My girls wanted me to show how to use the brushes in photoshop...and hence...this is the product.... it's more-like an abstract artwork.

BeautifOOl Disaster 2 - This will be my future project for my art masterpiece. Need to get myself a big canvas at least 12"x12" inches. And also some oil acrylics...im also thinking to use screenprinting technique..... so don't be surprise if ill be having another sudden M.I.A in the future....

A personalized bday postcard of 8R size for my bestfriend's bday- along with the scrapped letter below....

The scrapped letter using the OLW's challenge word "FAITH"

Bibie's -
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ScrapMojo Challenge #19 "Say Hello To My Little Friend, Sunshine"

It took me quite a while to finally create another LO. and i came up with this lo for the scrapmojo challenge. As usual...my main subject will be my little nephew Aqil....our little sunshine at home..... look at him! Isn't he so cute? :o)
and below is my current addict... :o) Gong Yoo from Coffee Prince. Did i mention earlier that i'd watched the series twice non-stop! :o) and last nite i went to the dvd shop to buy another korean series featuring him as one of the heroes. I cant stop the addiction..i need more of him :P I even googled about him, saved some of his pics available online and yes..... im currently using his pic as my laptop wallpaper :P

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

My Yoo!... cute ey?
One Fine Day
Cuz i cant stop watching more of him....i bought another series lastnite..his previous drama before CP. but i havent watched this one yet...cuz i still keep on watching the CP every now n then...haha.... cute bah ia angau ah....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Random Pics from M.f.y's Casio

This is how i usually eat my ice cream at home....while watching Coffee Prince. :o) Yummy.
Nestle Crunch Ice cream
My favorite shoes from Vincci (bought in kk)

& more from M.f.y's Sketch Journal:

Moment like this
Sketching the scenery at the Giant Department store carpark while waiting for Bibie from her meeting. Watercolor only applied at home.

Sketching the branches above my car. Location: In front of BIBD Tunku Link

Journey of life

Quick Watercolor drawing while waiting for my girls to finish up their screenprinting.

& Finally:

Congratz to Nonna on her Engagement last 8th August 2008. Finally! We're so happy for u....
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Monday, August 11, 2008

Sri Patik Brasserie (Restaurant) Open!

Just quickly sharing with everyone, and on behalf of my friend Rani , they're finally open their new restaurant knownly Sri Patik Brasserie at the Airport Mall. The interior design is quite nice and seems cosy. I will post the pictures of the interior design of the shop anytime soon.

Opening time: 7am - 11pm

Below are the prices for the buffet sets:

breakfast buffet $5.70
Lunch buffet $9.70
Diner buffet $15

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Hey readers, sorry for the late post. And sorry havent scrapped for a little while now due to busy month. I had to prepare my drawing examples for the students. So here are just sneak peek of what i'd done and you can always check it out @ HERE
for further details of the whole drawing process.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Arabian Football player taken by Angel of Death?

got this fwded email frm Hazarry so i would love to share with everyone. Well there are other possibilities for the incident... it could be black magic ...owh well u be the judge

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Banner!

Yeay...finally i have my own banner! lol.....so probably every post by me will sign off with my banner....then every1 will kno it is my post haha.... im jobless now..since i have no more class this morning xcept this afternoon..so i end up doing my simple photoshop work... owh please do check out for the new watercolor drawing demonstration at my art blog.

click on the banner so u will directly link to my personal art blog.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Latest LOs & Artwork examples:

This is my latest mini lo for my fren austin's little son Alex for his bday on 31st July 2008. I forgot to post it but hope it will reach him soon by this week.

Example work for students. A quick demonstration about 15-20mins. Just for their basic knowledge.

Unfinished ATC's

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