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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Scrapmojo Challenge #26

Hey people! Finally i scrapped again this afternoon. Was suddenly in the mood of scrapping and after such a long time since my last scrapping for Scrapmojo challenge...here is another lo for SM...finally....:o) i love their challenge #26. Creating something like some sort of soap box. Something to document the way we feel about certain thing... I myself... as a peace lover...i always wish that i could hav the power to bring peace to the world...looking at how our world turns out nowadays.... from natural disasters to human disasters... i personally think that even if we cant do anything about it.... but words itself can help us change the world... so here i am.... trying to express my feelings towards WORLD's PEACE <---bie..lurus Englishku? :P hehe
p/s: since the dateline is on the 30th November 2008..my bday! So i made this LO as a present to myself..lol...


Here is what i did yesterday. Wrapping the gifts for my students and creating the special decorative congratulation cards for those who managed to be in the top 3.

& My Purchase on the 27th November 2008 @ ShabbyChic

The original total cost was $66++ and there was a discount of 40% which only cost me $44.70 :o) <-- approximatelyla i forgot..hehehe but something like thatlaa yeah..

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Finally an ENERGETIC LO (for OLW word up: Energy)

Heya!!! Finally..im back wt a new LO...after such a long BREAK! It doesnt mean that im finally Free tho... Im still in my very busy week of paper-marking, Stage Deco which already started since yesterday doing the sketch on the plywood and this morning we did the woodworkm cutting out the design for the stage dego.. (yes! we managed to beg the school to buy us a new cutting machine.. the BOSCH brand which cost us $300) hehe.... That's surely the best gift for the Art department! Hehe... I was excited yet a little bit under pressure..since our dateline given is by saturday or monday morning! And i still have marks to be inserted in the yellow sheet and as well as the students report books... ohoho.... And i havent bought any dress for our annual dinner this Saturday! Which i think... i mite end up wearing my available dress.... owh well..it doesnt matter...as long as i wont go out of theme..then it shud be okay kan.. hehe...

Enuff wt all those....here's my LO created for OLW word up challenge "ENERGY":

As usual my subject has always been our little Aqil! Our first priority! And this word Energy simply fits him the best. Since he's like our super Energy Booster! His Smile! His very hyper-active behavior and his Energetic smile hav always brighten our days...and also totally boost up our Energy too... :o)

Anyway... ive recently been approached by my dear friend Maya to join her new Creative Community blog HERE
and im honored to join her n be one of the contributors as the Artist (perhaps?) . Thanks Maya for inviting me. Im so delighted to share my talent soon..hehe but not for now since im still bz wt my tasks...but will surely get back to that and we'll see what i can do... :o)

so...this is it for now..will get back when im free :o)

Monday, November 10, 2008

More Blog Candies to win!

Check out THIS

blog for a chance to win the Blogcandy offered by Beates.... seriously lovely stuff...... u dont wanna miss the chance! Dont wait too long! + she has lots of pretty los to drool on.........

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sneak peek of EJ's bday present

Hey there...sorry for no updates lately...everybody's been bz wt work...me wt my markin weeks... heee so stressful man! but im quite surprised wt this year's papers... they amazingly did good jobs... very well done...for quite a number of students..lemme tell u a secret...one student managed to score an amazing 50/50 which is equivalent to 100% for his design paper..... but that will surely depend on our next re-marking week... either to maintain his current mark or reduce a little... but yeah..he deserves it really! very outstanding work... hope he will get A1 for the whole paper... that will only depend on his other two paperslaa... a sign of new artist to shine in the future....

anyway...i havent been scrapping much lately..xcept tonite i made an effort to start scrap for Ejah's bday comin soon..was thinkin of making a mini album for her to keep all her precious pictures...hehe i hope it will be done soon... so here's just a sneak peek of the front lo.. :o)