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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Random pics...

Some Pics taken while in KK....
STARBUCK......put ur hands in the air if u like starbuckz :P

My All time favorite if im in KL.. Secret Recipe's branch can also be found in KK (2 branches...)
One in Warisan Square just infront the waterfront next to Starbuckz and the other one also near Starbuck at the PalmSquare Centrepoint building

Delicious Food @ Selera Senja Stalls at waterfront...
Sambal Squid the best!!
Steamed Fish wt Ginger yummy....

My Scrapped Storage box
Random pics @ my cuzin's wedding at Polo Club (30th March 2008)
Adina & Md Noh

Posing time... :P
The beautiful wedding stage.... lawa ah.....
The guests

The bridegroom's arrival

The bride Dina (my cuz)

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M.f.f (The turtle addict)
Thursday, March 27, 2008

More pics @ Manukan Island & Sutera

Finally arrived @ Manukan Island

Lovely scenery.... the water's so clear...

Welcome to Manukan Island Resort

Nice villa house.....

Walkin along the pathway...

One of the restaurants... (suitable for honeymoon...ehems sapakan kawen ah...:P)

The Scuba-doo centre where u can rent or buy all the equipments

The reminant of world war II also on display here

Can see KK from here

The BBQ will cost u rm90 per head

Can see people snorkelling....fun eh!

off to the hill..... hiking time...

More resort lodges... along the hill side

Nice view eh..

View from down the hill

My bro's lookin at those two kids playing

I forgot the little aussie girl's name...very lovely and friendly...
Feeding the fish...
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M.f.f (Turtle Addict)
Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One of my closest friends, Penny Lim, gave birth to a baby boy yesterday, 25th March 2008. He was born at 8am with 3.38kg..Congratz to Penny & Family...Only got 1 pic of Baby Chester Loren...Cute kan??
Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Trip To Manukan Island

As planned last nite, we agreed to go cruising and taking a trip to Manukan Island. The ticket is quite cheaper actually rm45 per person. And it took us 15 mins ride to reach the Island. And it was such an amazing island. We didnt do any activities xcept looking around the beach n the part of the island lah.. They actually provide Mini Sub-marine for scuba diving...cool eh..i forgot to take a pic of the mini sub-marine..i shud hav but was too excited i forgot.. :p And we could see lots n lots of people snorkelling there... But it was quite pricy. it cost rm180 per person if u wanna do the snorkelling activity if im not mistakenlah... so may be next time...may b we shud go there ramai2 next time yeah...

The hotel resort beach view....

Im in love with this place...

Before goin.... taking quick snapshots at the jetty..just in front our hotel...

Nice view ah.....

Before leaving the resort... :o) excited ...posing first la :p
Off to the Manukan Island...
To be continued.... (kan shopping dulu... :p)
Regards from Sutera Harbour;
M.f.f (Turtle Addict)
1:14pm, 25th March 2008
Monday, March 24, 2008

More Updates from KK (24th March 2008, 11:47pm)

Yummy~ Definitely KK's A Seafood Heaven! Eating in front the riverview.

Look at those Lobsters and look at the prices! Tempting but hemmm.....

Tempting enuff??
The Seafood Heaven.... and they're so expensive....

Walking along the riverview side ways... cool!

We're so tired we ended up doing some reflexology massage
And it costed us rm25 each :o)
Back to the hotel...to our room..
The hotel lobby view...

After shower... we went downstairs and walking around the resort...so big my feet hurts :P

Look at those boats at the background
SeaQuest Boat - we're thinkin of riding on it tomorrow...tapi quite pricy lah. rm180/person (but whole package includes Snorkeling and BBQ lunch)
The view of Magellan Sutera from our hotel. owh ours is The Pacific Sutera...Both are under Sutera Harbour Resort but Magellan is a bit expensive...higher by rm100.. And it's beautiful inside there.
SeaQuest Watersports Centre... if u r thinkin of goin for a snorkelling packages...they provide everything.... we shud go here one day... the babehs...

In front the Magellan Sutera back entrance
Look the man-made beach...not really man-made lah..but they got some limit point so u wont get lost to the sea :P

The Entrance of Magellan Sutera is quite big....i jus love this place so much i feel like staying longer... hehe

Posing time :P before leaving the magellan side...
In front the Magellan Sutera Entrance while waiting for our Shuttle to go back to the Pacific Sutera...kes ngaleh bah iatah inda sanggup g jalan kaki..well at least the shuttle is free for the guests...
Regards from Sutera Harbour,
M.f.f (Turtle Addict)