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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday To Amin!

We were havin fun yesterday at Fratini's actually didnt plan for this celebration..i was craving for the Fratini's Seafood linguine and the baked creamy chicken and ended up offering lyna to join me n nona havin our late lunch..hahaha... kes tais liur gara2 mempost gambar yg lapas2 atu..nah ahahhaa..and i ordered both ahaha inda buang peluang..... inda apabah one day saja mkn brabis...hehe.... Eam n Amin joined later... as well as leejah...
Me n lyna bought a rose for Amin as well as this Oreo cheese cake.... very simple but yg penting ada nama The babehs wah on the cake...ahahahhaa..nama amin inda plg penting tu...hehehe
Amin..ur lucky..to be celebrated by berbagai kategori babes...ahahaha married babe, engaged babe, someone's babe, single babe ahahhahaha..... anda bangga? lol

Me and lyna forcing Amin to accept our proposal ahahhahaa...memajal kami ah..... ahahhahaa

Amin couldnt express how happy he was.... "wahhhh so sweetttttt" he said...ahaha mihiw....aku saja buat script..ahahaha ko diam aja min ah ahahhahahaha

Posing in front the dynasty hehehe.....

p/s: nanti lagi ku post other pics..... hehe berat yo....

posted by: Mimiey Farrah Ferrari (The Turtle Addict)