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Monday, February 25, 2008

Well i juz wna add & share on sum of oder pics.that i personally luv..actuali, i luv most of them plng but some hv to b censored due to sum reasons....(guys u know wat i mean) hihi..*winks*

Pose!! Well wat else can i say.. we love taking picture waah..hehe

And..recently..at our fav. port..hihih..
The make up trial courtesy of clazel 1711.

we simply lurrrve it ;)

When will be the next session? haha *iski*

Plus the pics of the good old days jua ...can.. ;p

Shoot.. we reali need to work out babes..LoL..

The best i can do fo now wil update with you guys soon..hehe..

XOXO Luludia21
p/s: bru jie balik nyamoo..sengkor jie..nanti jie ngisu basa tutg dlm blog kita ituh.. heheh..practice makes perfect ;)