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Friday, March 21, 2008

Without any planning, last night, 20th February, we (my fiance, qaiyum the nephew & I) went to Uni Arcade, The Mall. Bain wanted to go as the TEKKEN GUYS told him 1 of the best players from KK was coming to practice for the TEKKEN DR Tournament. Bain had no companion so I decided to accompany him (I would rather not since it would take ages for him to play). I brought along Qaiyum for my companion. As usual, Qaiyum was being active and talkative (he even 'talked' to the machine while he was playing ). Then, we went out to the mini-shops next door and as usual he bought a toy (I told you, Lulu, every single time..he is spoilt but it's alright, it's our way to keep him ecstatic jua). We, Qaiyum & I was hungry so, went to DIXY CHICKEN, had my 5pieces Grilled Wings (amazingly delicious from last time) and Qaiyum had meaty spaghetti which he said "nyaman eh..nanti makan sini lagi beh aaa~~"..Then, he had an ice-cream. After we were done eating, Bain was not done playing. So, we changed tokens lagi to play this game, it's a shooting game and we were inside a car (a model car)..it was fun..though it needed 4 token for each player...anyway, some pics for you guys to see..(hey! i just bought a 4GB Memory Stick Duo for my T10~that's why now we can take unlimited photos hahaha)

Today, I'm going to my friend & colleague, Siti Radziah's Nikah Ceremony in Seria..Bain has a tekken tournament game at UNI ARCADE so he will not be going. Sunday, probably, Lulu will accompany me as Bain will be working..unless if she would change her mind, (I HOPE NOT!)p/s: nda pyh betudung ahh..sunday hehehe.. cheers to all my babes...