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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dillah's 'Nikah' / wedding ceremony (Ejah's sister)

The Wedding Stage (Pelaminan) -simply nice...
The Bride's bedroom - beautifully decorated... im in love~ perfect match

The other side view... prettaye ey? So soothing the color...really peaceful..

Wedding gifts for the bride from the bridegroom's side

The reply Wedding gifts for the bridegroom

The bride's nervously waiting for the moment....

And here's our beautiful bride - Dillah looking nervous but maintain pretty beautiful... ready to be the Bride of the day.

Getting the blessings and finally married...

And here we were..me n the sister of the bride (my closed friend)...takin the chance to snap a shot wt the bride...
(owh p/s: to Austin..just incase ur viewing this...we were wearing our malay costumes it's called Baju Kurong :p)