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Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Engagement Day - Congratz Bibie

It was one happy day for us...and of coz especially for Bibie. Another friend of us is finally engaged after 11 years of coupling with Bain. A good example to everyone....hehe.... :o)

Bibie was somehow very nervous and panicking the whole day :P~ esp with the fact that her Professional Photog never came at all! How was that? At last...nasib ada abg iparnya yg memang pandai menggambar jua..... bie.... ur bro-in-law saved ur day! And not forget ur Very Pregnant Friend Penny being the Pro there! We were all worried bout her parut yg obviously protruding sudah.... hehe..and yet...she was still the most excited one today...haha..... thanks to Penny! And im glad BB loved my make-up.... U mean it or not? hehe or saja kan ambil hatiku saja....lol..now i cant stop laughing .... si dd kept on teasing me lol..... (owh we're still here at bb's crib...actually kan zoom ke Excapade wt nona but bb hold us ni...inda suruh balik...sasapon :P)