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Thursday, March 20, 2008

We went fishing this afternoon at Danau Tutong, first we went fishing along the rocky coastline.. but at first it seem like it was not our day.. the water were murky and we didn't catch anything there.. i was just spectator there actually, due to some unmentionable reason ;p so after an hour, we shifted our spot to the jetty area.. The tide was quite low actually but to our least expectation we caught "ikan pusu" there... syok jua.. i mean this was only my second try on "menganjun" ikan pusu and we have caught quite a lot jua.. though the men contributed more than me.. but at least i caught some of it heheh bleh la.. *iski jua tuu* but when i'm back my sister said i'm getting darker (for some reason yg org2nya ja tau tu..) and well nvm... at least i really feel good today.. ;)))
thats for now..chows and cheers !!

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