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Monday, March 10, 2008

Juz as i promised u guys.. il upload the pictures of the fish we caught on our last week fishing trip.. hehe.. after for almost ages, i haven't been fishing.. last week i had join him at Kuala n Danau jetty area for fishing.. amazingly i could bear the heat and the sun.. dari pagi kali ah.. til nearly maghrib..but of course sun burnt muka yoh.. hihih in fact i find it quite interesting with the encounter of '2 biawaks n a 2 diff.places ,a baby croc. , belangkas n ikan sumpit2'
Too bad i didn't hv the chance to take the pics. (nda brani labih2).. n i learnt how to"menganjun" ikan pusu too.. ;)
So here u go..

1st catch of the day ~~ " The blowfish a.k.a ikan buntal" ;p

This is "utik" isn't it?

ikan pahat-pahat

kala kitok (mind me the spelling- i juz type according on how ppl say it) =s

This is the fish that we were not sure about.. categorize eel kh? eheh..
but by the end of day it was really fun after all..

p/s:- bah..babehs n mamats bila we go "FISHING"? haha.. ;p

posted by lulu21