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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hey babehs!
any plan for the holiday any1? baik plg if tani picnic ni hehehe...... or lyna jadi u buat kek? hehehehhee..... btw i wont be around starting 24th til 27th..ill be off to kk..... road trip :O) inda ku sabar kan mkn seafood d sana...nanti ku ambil gambar puas2 ahaha n post here :P

Btw lastnite i went sushi wt nona after visited my uncle d R.I.P.A.S .... sadly uncle didnt recognize every1......so sedih usually when he saw me he wud be pleased n give me cheek kisses as usual....but u see... he jus seem to lose his memory.....hopefully he will get well soon...... he's my favorite uncle of all....

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mimiey farrah ferrari