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Monday, March 17, 2008

(L) Dr. Chan in action (R) Irwan & I concentrating hard..w chocolates Below: Group shot (L) & Dr. Gloria in action

Updates by Shopaholic

I was chosen to attend a Customised Reading Workshop For English Language Secondary Teachers at I.P.A. It started last Monday 1oth March 2008 and ended on Saturday 15th March 2008. The facilitators were Dr.Chan and Dr. Gloria from RELC, Singapore. The course started at 8am to 12pm and 2pm to 430pm everyday for a week!! It was mentally challenging but it's worthed. We were taught a lot of things and we also had a micro-teaching sessions on the last day. My group members are fun people to be with. There are Atiqah frm SMSO, Rahman frm PJN HAB, Rudy frm SMMHT & Irwan from SMMG. The certificates were presented by Mr. Koh Hong Puah, Penolong Pengarah Menengah from JSS.

p/s: Mimi, sorry we, Am and I couldn't be there because we had course on Saturday. Didn't have the energy to play jua..I thought the bowling day was on Sunday. We went to Yayasan to get the shopping for presents done i.e.my friend & colleague, Siti Radziah's presents. As usual, I was assigned to do the shopping..notice, the word 'assigned'. Thank goodness, Am was there to accompany me and we also queued for nearly 1 hr to get the donuts at Fun Donuts..Am was craving for the Almond but she didn't get it cos they ran out of almonds : ( maybe next time babe..sasapun...