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Thursday, March 6, 2008

More ArtWork From M.f.f

The Progress of Beautiful Disaster

First Stage of "Beautiful Disaster"

2nd Stage of Beautiful Disaster - workin on the bottom area my fav part!

3rd Stage of Beautiful Disaster - another fav part. Playing with color. Im using knife to produve the textural effect
It should be viewing in vertically but i took the pic horizontally.

This is the actual size of "Beautiful Disaster".
I think you can imagine how big it is. Hehe..indeed it's the same height as i am. I love doing masterpiece work..it gives me satisfaction. But it's not finished yet. Still working on the final touch. Will post the final masterpiece anytime soon... :o)

My passion for Art is endless...i wud rather admit that i understand art better than i understand men... And When i see thing...i don't just see.... i love to observe... manipulate and turn it into artwork. Sometimes i put all my whole feelings into it...so i can create something which is indeed hard to be interpreted cuz...obviously...life is complicated... :o)

"Art is beautiful when u learn to see it with your heart just like when you're in love with someone....Feel.....the texture...."

To Art with L.o.V.e,
M.f.F (The Turtle Addict)