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Thursday, March 27, 2008

More pics @ Manukan Island & Sutera

Finally arrived @ Manukan Island

Lovely scenery.... the water's so clear...

Welcome to Manukan Island Resort

Nice villa house.....

Walkin along the pathway...

One of the restaurants... (suitable for honeymoon...ehems sapakan kawen ah...:P)

The Scuba-doo centre where u can rent or buy all the equipments

The reminant of world war II also on display here

Can see KK from here

The BBQ will cost u rm90 per head

Can see people snorkelling....fun eh!

off to the hill..... hiking time...

More resort lodges... along the hill side

Nice view eh..

View from down the hill

My bro's lookin at those two kids playing

I forgot the little aussie girl's name...very lovely and friendly...
Feeding the fish...
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M.f.f (Turtle Addict)