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Sunday, March 2, 2008

The M.A.C over by Mimi Ferrari
Me & Bain killing the time while waiting for our photog, emran seri wijaya
I somehow fall in love w this pic
hehehe.a remembrance for the day, taken by our photog but using my T10..
Yeah...another one...

We, Bain & I, had our pre-engagement shots with our photog, Emran Seri Wijaya today, 2nd March 2008. My make-up is by Mimi Ferrari..It was a smoky-eyed look..*did i spell smoky correct?* whateverlah..I love her touch, she used MAC & Bobbi Brown kali aa...As promised, the shoot didn't take too long as he only needed a few pics for my {Pre-Engagement Coffee Table album} which will only contain probably around 10pics..then, I will also have another coffee table album + a magazine album (40pgs) which was the actual package. These 2 albums will contain pics from the event i.e. the ceremony..hehehe i requested for a separate pre-engagement album as i wanted more pictures of the actual event in the album. complimentary kali aa jua..since he's my amit's bro..hahaha...ok..enough w this update..it's dedicated specially to my make-up person, MIMI FERRARI.