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Monday, March 17, 2008

Remember the oreo bday cake for amin with the 'babehs' name on it?? hehe juz uploaded the picture onto my ibook.. so juz wna share the picture with the babehs clan..

sowy fo the late update, been bz lately.. =s
surrprrisseeee!!! the surprised Amin.. surprised party by the babehs.. these were the only the pictures i got for that day actually hihi..
Pictures of us recently taken during our cousin wedding day.. ;p na mo rugi jua 2..us atu from taking photos..hehe ;p

N last nyt,we went to London kebab since lyna been craving for shish kebab for quite sumtyms dah.. it was a last mins plan actually..the plan was only to refill ma car gas..eheh but ends up, we went straight to Sengkurong,well that what usually happen between us the babehs ayt?? hehe.. esp when we go hunting for good food ;p n we took the picture saja2.. (this was also pasal si awg.jembalang bkirim mee teaw goreng basah yatah tu XD) alasan..alasan..;p
the fish and chips

bb 127 "our all the time favorite" the shish kebab.. sasapun..

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