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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Stafford - My UK Home Town
Well..some of u kno i used to live in stafford uk for 2 yrs...been trying to find pics while i was in uk...but nada ku upload dlm my laptop ani..but sumhow i managed to find some pics of stafford environment frm the internet... just to give u the idea..how my hometown looks like.... nanti kalo ku scan udah gmbr lama2 ku upload ah.... honestly it's not a big town..id say..it's quite the same mcm Tutong town.... very peaceful and the people there r quite friendly...quite a safe place to live rather than manchester or liverpool...

This is Greengate Street - The town centre..where i usually hung out during my lunch hrs or after classes or during my weekends... slalunya ada burung acang ni...pigeons bah acang kan tu? ahaha i love to feed the birds there....so siok cuci mata... u c..that building wt the big bricks atu kadai NEXT Shop if im not mistaken lah.., next to it is New Look shop (where i usually bought my baju of 8 yr-old size ahaha oops.... i have no choice....:P) then Mark & Spencer (BRuneian fav's shop lol) wher i usually bought my favorite toffee pie and the chocolate mud cake...yum yum... Right in front of where these armies/police(whatsoever we called them..) is the public library..so big...and u can borrow books for free.... which i loved so much.... that pretty much showing how bored my life was back then ahahaha.... biasala masa alum ada internet d rumahku tu..aku rajin bah ke library minjam novel upto 10 books ahahaha....

This is the Stafford Hotel - or Swan Hotel if im not mistaken..it's where we first stayed when we arrived at stafford cuz we hadnt got our house ready yet. We had to stay there for few days and it costed us 70pounds per nite man! Just imagine! we spent a lot already. it mite looked small..but honestly...the interior designs were amazing..very classic, very victorian style, the english home style and seriously romantic feelings in there....
Luckily on our first day i got to kno our coursemate Vicky who offered us to stay wt her family until we got a house. She was married to a muslim man King and a cute baby Layla... so she assured us she served halal food.. tho we kept on wondering... she's stil a christian eventho she already married to a muslim man... different muzhab lah tu.... but sadly they split up a year after..... but both of them were still nice to us...esp vicky...im glad to hav such a good friend when needed..... nextime aku upload gmbar ku sama ia k.... she's pretty...

This is Liechfield street -Stoke-on-trent (Zazah's hometown)
it's about 15 mins ride by train frm stafford
where i usually go during weekends or smester holidays.... (Zazah's place)u see that one wt red n blue n white color..that's the shopping centre kalau ku inda silap... if u notice it's actually bukit tu..so kami slalu jalan kaki naik bukit ani and it was pretty tiring la...sometimes kalo naleh kami naik bus ahaha... eventho stoke is considered jus a town but it seems like a city to stafford... eventho yg banarnya spatutnya stafford yg the main centre... mcm stoke tah plg yg siok then staffordla.... shopping sioklaa..and it's much easier to find halal food in stoke...esp when u wanna buy halal meat and i miss the kebab from the Zarka! esp wt the chilli pickles....nyamannnn

Stafford TRain Station
One of the cleanest station in uk... :o)

The Ancient High House, Stafford
Right at town centre... that shop Natural Healing Shop..i once tried to apply for a part time job vacancy but ended up i didnt come up when they finally offered me lol... and if u notice, tu sebalahnya tu MacDonald tu ahaha... n the only food i could order there was fish fillet n fries lol! n of coz the coke drinks la...haha... kesian kan..... And that small lorong...is a short cut to my college main building where i usually went to for internet when for my first few mths in stafford...sebelum ada cyber cafe d sana...awu kesian dulu atu nada cyber cafe..and once ada..mcm muaku saja ke kadai atu..suka the owner pasal akulaa loyal customer drg yg slalu spent upto 20pounds per day just to get myself connected...banartah dulu atu first few mths atu nada life nyamu......kadang2 ah inda sadar tu pukul 9mlm bah dlm cyber cafe ah..balik sorang2 laju belari ahahahaha imagine my 1st house masatu jauh like 20mins jalan kaki.....sajuk2 lagi..sampai pernah kana stalked oleh drunk man....on my way back home... phobia slajur

One of the beautiful spot in stafford...see the shop houses... very clean kan.... ani one of the shortcuts la....

The County Fruit Stores
Where i usually went to buy fruits back then..haha i used to eat fruits a lot...healthy food bah dulu atu haha..... and this stores really tempted me to buy....very fresh fruits in there...

The Stafford Castle (Pics by Welshdan on flickr)

It took us an hr to walk to this place from our house... it was tiring but worthed lah... the whole sceneries along way to the castle were beautiful.. again..id try to post my very own pics next time yeah
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