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Monday, April 21, 2008

My UK Memories in 2000-2002 (Random pics)

Back then in Manchester City, 2001- with Ryan Giggs. It felt like i was the luckiest girl to meet n posing up wt him....He's sooooooooooooooooooooooooo charming n so Gigggsy! And he's so tall! Me and Nina didnt wanna lose the chance to "RABA-RABA" Him! ahahaha..... who cares?? It's Ryan Giggs wah!! I've always been in love with him....

Old Trafford!

It doesn't matter if u cant really see me n watie clearly there...but look at the big name right above! MANCHESTER UNITED! Yeah!! MU Rox! Check out for the current status in the premiere league's website! :P

Posing in the city...

I think it was taken right before heading to the cinema..dun remember wat movie we watched tho... but it was really windy that nite and we totally had fun taking pics together... btw.. from left: Azri (Our Talented Skater who won the skateboard contest..we watched him competing against the org putih there! & a computer Freak..i remember seeing his room full wt sound systems connected to his computer...VERY COOL!) , Me, Nina & Hjh Lina

On the way to Stafford Castle, Stafford UK

It's me & my housemate, wanie...on our way to Stafford Castle.. it took us around 2hrs walking to the castle ahaha.... it was sunny but still windy n cold. So we didnt really feel tired walking..it was fun after all..at the same time we enjoyed the sceneries along the journey to the castle.

My Cooking Partner back in Cardiff if stay over at their house, Madi (very very closed fren and he's a very good cook..he made the best serunding ever tasted in uk :P) i remember paddling on boat together mcm couple bah kami dua pagi2 buang stress d tasek at the cardiff park nearby....my shopping partner tukang pilih jacket ku yg masih ku pakai sampai ani. And the tall guy, my Architect friend Khairul, lost contact wt him sudah..not sure if he's already married now or still somewhere else. These were few guy friends i used to close with when we all first arrived in UK.

Hangin out with the girls in London.
From left; Wanie (My housemate), Me, Melanie (My bestfriend...we met again in london after 3 yrs), Nina (my other bestfriend since form 4), Mona (Nina's friend) and Hjh Lina (Nina's housemate)

My other hangin out partners in Bayswater, London. Aqih and Apan.

Taken at one of the train n tube station in London..I forgot where this was. But all i can remember was....we (me n ceceh geck) were both lost after taking a bus ride (stayieee! skali jauh jalan kami and we didnt kno where we were...) last2 ambil tube..and thank god we finally reach euston station haha cali..... owh yeah i kno i was a very skinny back then.... and yeah it was summer bah...so didnt bother to wear long sleeve...hehe... ramping aku tu dulu ah..i miss having that shape! lol...tapi awuu i kno i was sooo kurus!

p/s: more pics will be uploaded soon..owh sorry about the picture quality...haha i had to take another snapshots of the original pics since i dun remember wer i keep the film negatives..hehe...

You kno u LOVE me;
M.f.f (The Turtle Addict)