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Thursday, April 10, 2008


This is what we called Digital Scrapbooking. I used to do alot of this since 2006 but mostly designed for blogskins lah. Used to win the blogskin of the month somewhere in hemmm october 2006 kali...i forgot...but yeah it's been a while since i last joined the competition ahah im not that active anymore... the blogskins designer getting more creative...i feel lost lol...
Today me n bibie went to gdg to get our rub-on stickers we ordered online from Balkis... i was supposed to pay only $20 (ONLY????) but ended up buying more stuffs upto $56! Balkis!!! We surely r getting CRAYZAYE! U seriously have Amazing collections! Please..please...let us kno if there will be more coming... :P we love u balkis! :P hahhaa........ and thanx to Nani for introducing her blogsite to us..... owh...ill upload the stuff i bought from Balkis soon okay..... this stupid TELBRU connection really annoyed me alot! i kept on Disconnecting!!! WTH??? Not worthed bah ku bayar $88 sebulan..but kept on dc-ing every 1 minute....STUPID ayte??? $88 tu bleh bali byk stuff lagi tu dari Balkis :P~
p/s: canakah usul kami ni nanti d KK?
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