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Saturday, April 26, 2008

More LOs & Stuffs...

M.f.f in action...
April's Kits From ShabbyChic & BalQis'
More Scrapbooking LOs
My CS3's LO of KK Trip Scrap-page

Scrapbooking 7- Pockyliciousz

Scrapbooking 8 - Housemates

Okay readers...these are jus few stuffs i could upload for now... Quite a tiring day but yeah i had great friday goin out wt Bibie & Lulu... Everything worked as planned :o).. We went to Jeeds & Sarah Dee's Homeshop... Bibie...haha as predicted will be the shoppaholic of the day... well... that's what u r rite bie...hehe..but yeah it's a worth bargain....and after all they are all for her "hantaran" so i have no objection for that... :o) Bie! I really love that supermodel bag.... bah suruh didi simpan! :P~ As for me.... i have my Lush Orchid Tote for just $10 thanks to Sarah Dee (ehemss...not to mention ur real name here...+ i love the name Sarah Dee....more commercial..hehe) & i simply love my BBW Japanese blossoms.... ill put it on myself tomorrow...so that everyone would notice how sweet i smell... ;o) Fingers-crossed! haha...but im pretty confident about it...or else id just promo it to them :P~ hint-hint! Discount for future visit ah... :P~

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