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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hi..guys.. sorry for not being around lately.. we always seem to come up with a wrong timing eh.. but at the mo, i bet u guys know where to find me ayt.. eheh..
thank so much to my dear colleague for lending me his memory card reader ;) and now i am able to upload some of my scrap works..

This is actually my first project and part of the reason on how i started to fall for scrapbooking.. it is a mini album of us.. i was planning to give this album to him for our anniversary but ended up still being with me because of the cover which is still in progress lols..

1st scrapwork with the babes.. thanks to them for contributing most of the materials due to my limited stuffs ;D (courtesy of bibie and mimie) i really love the outcome ;)

The end product of my simple scrap work,more embellishments will be add up soon hehe

current one.. sorry reader if it is not that fancy nor artistic.. (i'm still an amateur) =p

Last nyt work.. and still working on this one.. some final touch up then it will done..
K then.. that's for now will update with u guys soon...
comments are very much appreciated.. hv a great day..tc..chio..

reported from school XD
-luludia- xoxo