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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Scrapbooking 6 - "My Family Trip To KK"
I was truly inspired to do another scrapbooking of my previous family trip to KK (while talking to my Sunshine friend ;o) ) and im quite happy with the outcomes.. ;o)

I'll post my few sketch plans before i ended up with this layout...haha peningss.....(tomorrowlah ok...)

CS3-ing @ Work (during my free time tu ah!)

Another contemporary design for bibie's wedding invitation card..i like this one better bie... here i show the sketch plan as well so you will get the idea how it might look like in real.

Please click on the picture to view the enlarge version.

Layouts for Scrapbooking

These are my very own layouts for scrapbooking...feel free to use them ;o)

~Good luck~

True Addiction;
M.f.f (The Turtle Addict)