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Thursday, April 17, 2008


Wednesday, 17th April 2008

I 'd made another scrapwork yesterday. Didnt really plan to make one...i was cleaning n packing up my scrapbooking kits n stuff...and ended up making one. This scrapwork is especially dedicated to my closed friend in KL, Zaza. She has always been the best n kindest friend when ever i go to KL. She was there when in need..willing to accompany me whole day n nite for shopping, site-seeing, staying in the hotel n so n so...We have same taste in fashion haha....notice our dresses? haha we bought it together..went into the fitting room together and having good laugh all day long trying our new dresses...She's getting married anytime soon... probably end of year... Im happy for her.... Thanx za for always being there...for me...miss hangin out wt ya...

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M.f.f (The Turtle Addict)