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Monday, April 14, 2008

My Bestfriend's Wedding

It was my bestfriend's wedding week.. I'd tried my best to be there on her Nikah's day and the wedding day eventho my cousin's daughter was also getting married on the same day.. Morning i was at my cousin's and then i rushed to Telisai wt Ej & Nisaa around 11:30am... Tetty's lookin great... and even more beautiful than usual... Ka Fizah's Touch is always amazing... I dun hav the pics now but i do hav few pics taken on her Nikah's day (it's not ka fizah's touch during her nikah's)..

from left: Mimi , Tetty & Nona

From left; Leejah, Mimi, Tetty, Nona
Nina, Adeey, Ejah

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