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Thursday, April 24, 2008

My new LOs

Not done yet....

Okay girls... i kno scrapbooking can be a little expensive hobby...but if u wanna save ur budget...here are some tips... just like the old times... scrapbooking should actually start from recycle stuffs.....

* Buttons set can be a little expensive but if u notice, my buttons here are all hand-made buttongs.... i drew it on the thick hand-made paper, apply color and also metallic pen to highlight. cool kan? hehe.... u can make it urself too... or else im gonna make more of these soon and we can trade stuffs if u wish ;o) (inda mau rugi bah...... barter trade system.... :P)

* Lace from your old dresses haha..but that's not old lace ah.... it was meant for my new kain tp ended up using it for my scrapbooking activity.

* Paper clips from Bismi or Mubarak are more cheap and if u dun like it gold, u can paint it using poster color paint.... as well as the Brads....

* Wrapping papers are much more cheaper than those expensive paper specially made for scrapbooking.... ;o)


M.f.f (The Turtle Addict)