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Monday, April 7, 2008

Mfy's Scrapbook Project Phase 1 - Special Wedding Gift

These are my hand-made stickers.. huhu..im quite happy of what they can contribute to my scrapbooking project so far..... u like? haha ill be selling them off... $1 for 10 pieces :P~ jk..but heee it can make good business rite.... mau mau? :P promooooooo! Owh...i've given half of the heart shapes stickers to Bibie...well..bie..i hope it helps alot.. esp wt ur current addiction to scrapbooking...:o)

1st stage... wrapped up part of the black paper and pasting the purple ribbon onto it

2nd Stage - Adding a picture, some stickers, embellishments and the tag.... & some drawings

First Frame page is done...let's do the next one

2nd Frame page

Yeah... I tied both with the purple ribbon and yes it can be hung on the wall.

And yes! it can flip and button-up~!

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