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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Scrapbooking, Friday, 18th April 2008
Bad internet connection can be very frustrating and annoying...i was very mad i swore (luruska?) the whole nite...and the only thing that soothes my anger towards TELBRU (haha wake up TELBRU people! Are u reading this? yes im mad!!! very very mad...Paying $88 monthly is not worthed with such a bad connection which kept on disconnecting every few minutes...WTF???)...back to my current soothing therapy (other than my all times hobby of CS3-ing)... Scrapbooking .... and this is the product of my bad mood day!...haha doesnt even look like i was in anger....

"My Bestfriend, My Travelling Partner 2006"

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M.f.f (The Turtle Addict)