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Friday, April 4, 2008

Relaxing at Coffeebean @ Miri...while waiting for the shops to open...

A romantic pose..?LOL

Craft punchers (Lulu: I have 6 of them already hehehe 4 in Miri & 2 from $1.80 shop in Gadong~ Ka Sophie told me abt it and it costs only $1.80..but not much choices hehehe)

Ribbons & other emblishments..

Confettis..again, for Scrapbooking...hehehe

* I also bought some emblishments - leaves, etc..while I brough Mimi to this shop..hehehe didn't capture the pic...

Hello Babes..wow..i've been offline for too long..well, actualy I was addicted to Korean DVD Series 'My Girl'..yeah..yeah..it was an old one, i guess from last year udh but I've just watch it on 8TV which led me to buy the DVD series..hahaha...ok, a few shared moments...

(1) Friday 28th March 2008 was my fiance, Bain's B'day..we went to Miri to spend the day..boring bah...limited places to go..The Mall, Gadong, Kiulap, Yayasan..so, change lah...Spent quite a lot on Scrapbooking stuff..(Look at the pics) Then, I bought the sunglasses, Morgan De Toi..and several other stuffs...

(2) Tuesday 1st April 2008 - scrapbook shopping w Mimi and watched 27dresses..a nice movie..i like Katherine Heigl

(3) Thursday 3rd April 2008 - Watched KL Drift w Mimi, Bain & The Clan.

I forgot when did I do an over-the-board shopping at Shabby Chic..last week i guess..it was crazy..hmm...spent quite a lot.. ;) I guess, until here..Cheers!