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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dear E am @ Lulu,

This is a open-hearted confession from us, Mimi, Nona & Bibie..We really miss hanging out with YOU..we feel that we are drifting apart and before it gets worst we want to tell you..you've been busy..we understand that..we are also busy with our commitments..BUT, try to make some time for us baaa~~boring bah without you, ;( honestly, we miss you...it feels weird...Truly felt by US... "we hoped u were with us kemarin sambil minum pearl tea lol"
Forget your work...weekends we should have fun like we used to and cuci mata..oops~~cuci saja bukan ngurat hehe *fingers-crossed*
Ok, Until Here..You know where we are, babe..bye..Cheers!