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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I've started doing this one last Sunday night and it has yet to be finished as I've had a robotic schedule yesterday..I dozed off straight when I reached home last night after the dinner w Bain..

I've used a lighter to make that effect for the pic
background (it's messy) then I used a few
emblishments, the flowers, the confettis, etc..

I've used the mounting double-sided tape to add the
effect..it does work lah..Thanks, Mimi for sharing
the tip..I put it on the flower so that it pop-ups &
I also use it on the 'message box'..it's not finished yet..
A few minor touches still need to be done...will continue today!

p/s: In case there are people who are wondering, "When does she find her time to do this?" I don't really have much of a spare time, but, somehow doing this, it does feel like therapy to me..hehehe I just do it in between..I guess both my therapies, shopping and scrapbooking do compliment each other hehehe..until then, cheers!