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Monday, May 5, 2008

Another LOs (told u..it's never enough...)

This one i did yesterday at Bibie's crib before we actually been shoo-ed out by Bibie :P haha..but yeah bie..we understand..inda apa...sabar ia si bain ah :P d KK ku hutang :P

& This one (below)...it's not really done yet.... haven't written down the journal yet...will do soon.... To Bibie & Lulu...babes u can try out this LO..i really had fun doin this last nite hehe... awu ahir ku tdur...haha...

I love being in KL. Love dropping by at Waffle-Stop next to Lot10, Bukit Bintang for the waffles..so yummy.... i think i will scrap more bout my kl trip (yeah yeah.... it has always been KL...not other place....but soon it will be bout KK...n no! there's no one in KK for sure lol....)

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