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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


My morning today started with bad mood. I Was informed by the discipline department about my student involved in a fight with a form 5 student. So i was kinda mad...the moment i entered my class.... i called off (lurus? :P) the girl's name and asked bout it. The reason for the slapping face drama was becoz of "boyfriend"! lol... Honestly i was very mad...(+ lagi wt the recent stress by the stupid telbru connection.....lol) i had to give the whole class my last warning.. I've been patient wt all the complaints from the discipline department everytime i entered the room every morning.... Probably this is the first time they really saw me in anger... i smashed on my table and warned them the next time i hear another complain i'll have to throw them out of class and do some community work with no exception! All of them!

Well it didn't end there. I had to brainwash another students from other class regarding the art room. So irresponsible...where they left the art room so messy...with all the paints here and there....squeegee unwashed.... and i had to be the AMAH cleaning all the mess yesterday afternoon!!! Gosh! When can these students learn??? Be a little more mature and be more responsible towards their own works!

And still..that wasn't just it! During my early morning class, students from the other class lagi buat bising... drumming the table here and there.... producing all the annoying sounds.... i was like!! WTH are they doing over there? Can't they respect that im having my class here!!! So i had to shout right from where i stand .... asking them to shut up! Learn how to respect other class! And still i could here the slight noise... so i had to walk closer and give them last warning...
Do i have to attend an anger management course? LOL! I was just doing my part! Being a responsible teacher and expecting the same from the students! (either they're in my class or in other's)!Tell you! it's not easy being a teacher!

Owh..sorry i havent uploaded any of my LOs i did last friday.... busy wt worksheets and me being sick ani lagi.... i'll upload anytime soon okay (fingers-crossed!)

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