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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lack of Mojo!

I havent done any scrapbooking since tuesday. Especially with me feeling not very well all at sudden...all the coughings, flues (is it with es bie? :P), pms (always bad mood!), stomach ache and sudden migrain attack....all these really bringin my mood down... so..i didnt even feel like scrapping..+ i went to see the doctor lastnite but forgot to ask for mc slip...so i still go to work today...thank god i feel a little better than yesterday...

anyway, i have few photos taken recently....all taken at random! no plan at all! But really inspiring... :o) koh koh koh.....

'Cucur Udang' (how to describe this bie ah in english?.. prawn dipped in wet flour with a little bit of salt and then fried in hot oil? haha im really not good at this! pls correct me...make it simple) @ our school canteen.... look at the udang (prawn)....! :P

My little nephew - Aqil is very happy everytime he see his grandfather (my dad)

My Student Nadhirah's work - Very impressive. This was actually a Calligraphy work but i asked them to do some designs as well... they were really inspired by my scrapworks....good aye... Lookin through all her artworks so far, she has the potential to be a good artist one day...eventhough this year is the first time they're taking art subject...they have to work hard to get the o'level standard since they are sitting for the papers this year. And I'm quite impressed that they learnt so fast...indeed they produced better than those students (with no interest) who have been taking art subject since their form 1.

Few words from me;
Many people think that "you cant draw if you don't have the talent!"! I say, "No!" That's totally wrong! You can still draw if u practice more! Remember the saying goes "Practice makes perfect"! I was once not an artist...(i was from science stream class and only took extra art subject in 6th form) i do admit i have that talent but without practice, u wont see any progress in your drawings. This is what i keep on telling my students...especially those who think they don't have that talent. I told them to make art as one of their daily routines where they will have to do at least one or two drawings each day ( i dunno if they really do this! lol) the more they do, the more they will improve. I always connect art with their daily routines like praying... i always asked them...what make they remember all the verses/doa (everything) in their prayers...they said because they do it everyday. That's it i said! You learn and you will be good at certain thing if you make it as your daily routines. At least i was able to make them think and be more practical. You dont learn to walk straight away when you first born! It takes you months to be able to walk! and mostly year+? rite? And so is Art! It takes you years to be good at it! But if u work hard, doing more practices...you will learn faster! Indeed you will discover what other extra talents you have.

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