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Thursday, May 15, 2008

I treated my colleagues and friends at work today as it is my birthday...26th Birthday..My 'clan' gave me a present, a RED Guess purse + chocolates ~grrr..i LOVE it! we usually do this routine for every birthdays, newborns, etc...hehehe we collect $$ and buy a present..this actually becomes a routine...it also tightens the friendship bond..What really amazed me was the b'day card...it was a scrapbooking+handmade card...Thanks to Has who spent a great amount of time and effort with the card...Really love it..I was really touched...Shim, my good assistant gave me a bookmark..hmm..a reminder for me that I don't really read books/ novels since I've started scrapbooking in March..LOL....

Let the pics do the talking:

Tonight, if the weather is not scary, my fiance and I are going to Charcoal to celebrate..hehehe..if the weather is ok...i hope so..amin...oh yeah..tomorrow, we will have another scrapsession + makan session jua..hahaha..w Mimi, Am, Balkis, Anna, Diana and Noor..can't wait to see Anna's latest toys....hahaha...will update soon..cheers and muahhhzzzz....

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