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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Scrappaholics goin CRAZAYE!

Hey babehs' readers,
Actually i've already tried to post this morning but the connection at work was bit down and all my typings couldn't be saved...ahaha i dun remember what i typed anyway... lol... it was a long post but anyway..ill just try what i can remember ok...

Well...as bibie previously mentioned bout our shopping crazy @ Balqis & Jazz lasnite...we were supposed to hav scrapping session at balqis but ended up not doin anything but shopping, chit-chatting, eating the delicious cupcakes (ok...im gonna go order this soon..n forget bout doughnuts...), ben&jerry ice cream (my old time fav ice cream..back in uk)..., balqis' sherperd pie, excitedly lookin at balqis's scrap collections (CRAZY....ive been hinting balqis to sell some of them...hmmm... :P), getting to kno new friends (Anna, diana & Nurul i think her name...balqis pls correct me....) and finished at 7+pm then continue shopping @ Jazz's crib... (Another homeshop yg buat kami.....feel like staying.....) I ended up spending almost $170 just one whole day and only for scrapbooking stuff..... ok inda tah ku jadi ambil baju ku ni...lol..pakai baju lama tah ku ni bie arah org kawen esuk ah..lol....

The rest.... i let these pics below speak for themselves....

Anna's showing off her stuffs...we love her bag! Siok eh!

Balqis' stuffs..... im speechless! I wanted those chipboard letters! :P ur gonna get one for me kan balqis kan :P~

& This!!! Siokz! (I wonder if my collection one day will be as alot as these!)

Scrappers' posing time...

The cupcakes! (from SinahBisc )

Stuffs i bought from Balkis which cost me $65

Stuffs i bought from Jazz's crib! Which cost me more than $100 ;o) but it's quite a bargain lah... includings the paper stacks below:

I was jealous of Balqis'...and luckily i saw this at Jazz's and i didnt think twice to get this eventho it cost me $48 (and thank god bibie's willing to share wt me...pandai berhidup...)

We love this!

And Finally, my Scrapwork especially for Mother's day

You Know You Love;
M.f.f (The Turtle Addict)