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Monday, May 12, 2008

Hi peeps,
This morning..the colleagues, some TP teachers and me had been practicing the tug-of-war with the pupils..(for the pupils schools competition very soon) this always works on last minutes..which then, indirectly involving us (who had never ever been doing this thing ever!!)
It was reali exhausting yet fun..and i didn't expect it to be so tiring, the rules seem so simple and easy ayt?! u juz ned to pull the rope ( watever u kol it) as hard and as far as u might from the opposing side'freestyle' by any means..but then,i was already out of breath after the 1st round.. haha..(obviously.. lacked of stamina!!) but of course we beaten them by 2-1,hey.. don't say we didn't pity or cheated on them..well,there were lots of them, compare to only 7 of us..then,i say its quite fair. We had to struggled reali hard on winning meh.. in fact,they were quite tough.. but in the end,i shall say i would prefer to do jogging a few rounds, than doing this thing..it was physically challenging.. but i ned to bear with it,up until the match. (for the children sake)
And guess wat did i get from it..

~Tadaa~ bruised and slight cut on my arm *sandi*.. i didn't even notice it at first,and only felt it sometimes after the game.. And thought 'WTH'..

Anyways...juz an update,
some more scrapworks from me..continuation on my mini album..previous one oledi being updated by mimiey ryt..

currently, still working on this piece..

reali luv using the spiral pattern papers and chipboard i bought from jazz..and finally, i obeyed jazz suggestion on using them..hehe thanks jazz, i actuali felt pleased wit the looks.. so syg to use the chipboard too hee..but then, what's the point on buyin them kn..
i juz wna do this slow..it's slowly progressing.. juz dun wna spoilt it by over doing it..so still in the process of designing it..
Till then.. chio..