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Sunday, May 4, 2008


Bibie's showing off her work...

Bz wt croppings...and didie (bibie's sister) was joining while releasing her stress when she should be doin her revision...lol.... well done didie :P~

Me proudly present my scrap album (It's actually a photo album n i decided to use it for my scrapwork instead since it hasn't been used at all...... clever rite.. :P)

I have to re-design the cover album so it would look very refreshing instead of dull... and im quite impressed of myself creativity..LOL!

First page of the album... very me? i miss my long hair.....

Who's that guy? lalalalalalalalalala~ hehehe... (not done yet...) i love this lo's the most..actually did it 2 days ago..n only pasting mie's pic today...(bibie's suggestion..)

Okay that's it for today...i only did 2 scrapworks..... i think that's enough for today...we're goin to the town soon.... but bibie's still busy doin her scrapping whilst Lulu (who just arrived 1/2 hr ago...) is currently doing her lesson plans..lol...

M.f.f (The turtle Addict)