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Sunday, May 4, 2008

We had a scrapsession today at my home despite my coughing..Mimi came early as both of us cancelled our 'org kawin' plan hehe..we were quite productive..hehehe interms of LO & eating..daa~ whatelse? Lulu came in late but managed to do some LO as well after she finally neglected her LPs...hahaha

Mimi & her stuff..Look closely...(Mimi! I can see your 'lurah dendam' hahaha is that a challenge to Lulu's..LOL) Mimi sexyhh...

Lulu finally neglected her LP & decided to do some serious LOs stuff...(erm..you don't need to look closely at this pic as it is overrated already hahaha biasa~~)

A LO on Haiyun, my little sweetheart/ niece

A LO on Graduation..Lost a bit of my 'mojo' while I was doing this..

A challenge to myself to 'copy' Mimi's LO

Started with this LO since the past 2 weeks & finally got it done today..this is qaiyum, my hyperactive nephew..

I finally 'shoo~ed' them as my fiance was on his way to my place after he had finished work..hehehe sorry for that hehehe..my babehs understand my commitment tho'.. muahhhzz.. Until here...cheers!

lots of love from,
BiBie The Shopaholic
p/s: looking forward to scrapsession at Balkis's crib next friday...+ don't forget Ben & Jerry's ice cream