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Saturday, May 10, 2008

2nd SS - We Scrapped this time! (YEAY)

Yesterday was fun @ Balkis! As usual, we enjoyed the foods (we love the so-called pandan chicken balkis! :P), sharing and checking on each other's new stuff. And the most important thing... we scrapped this time (p/s: except Balkis :P n diana :P nx time baik kamu scrap...hehe).
But..i didnt finish my LO... kinda lack of mojo..everything was done spontaneously...hence.... not a perfect LO...

Anyway... before we went to Balkis' crib.. we first went to Jazz's crib to buy some glues (KONON) tapi ended up buying more stuff... (we just can't help it...a reason for that is: so inda balik-balik ke madang... :P REASONABLE kan?) :P hahaha.... I spent at least $40 lah at Jazz's and Bibie..not to mention..let her do her part (pls update urself bie :P) and then we went to THE MALL! To watch the movie "What Happens In VEGAS" <-- very the siok n funny! i wouldnt mind to watch it again if someone gonna ask me again..lol..but please if possible i wanna watch IronMan tho...:P it's a hint! And since we had more time before the show started...we decided to check up for the Shabby Chic (konon again.... cuci mata lah tu...) but again...we still ended up buying more papers (okay... lagi....reasonable sikit.... new designs! okaylah tu!) but we managed to spend below $15.

As for me.... Im still the sick one! I've been struggling to fight the sickness, bad cough n flues! (i hope i didnt spread the virus to u girls yesterday.. :P) The coughings' gettin worst today.... and i got the feelings im gonna hav asthma ni tonite.... especially with the uncertain weather (Very hot in the morning and Heavy rain in the evening!) And tonight as usual... im gonna stay home, just watch the AF (no im not a big fan of AF.... just another reason to stay home...:P while doin some scrapping n cropping)

Tomorrow? Probably having Scrapsession at Bibie's or Lulu's crib? just update k!

p/s: sorry i havent uploaded any pics yet..... later la ok? :P

M.f.f (The Turtle Addict)