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Monday, May 19, 2008

Updates (At last from M.f.f)

Hey babes! sorry ah.... at last i managed to do some updates here....The connection at school is also crap!..but of couse...the worst at home. haha jgn harap! not worth it.... as usual....disconnected every few secs.. or if im lucky enuff...few minutes.... and yes..it does challenge my patience! I kno one day i will give up! $88 can buy a lot of scrapping stuff includings the tool kits! ehems... ;o)

anyway these were some pics taken since the past few days includings my latest scrapwork..

"Little Alan" - I did this for my friend, Faen's little boy who will be 2yrs old on 21st May 2008.

I promised Bibie i will scrap something special for her. You can hang this thing in your car Bie. hope you will like it. (& No! it's not a pendant :P)

With my little nephew
as for the past pics taken...i will upload later..give up ku...connection here is crap! Will try to go online d eazyway later..bah mau hi-tea later? :P after class...
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