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Saturday, May 24, 2008


Sorry it'has been a while since i last updated and uploaded some pics n los.. due to the inconvenience (laptop breakdown & bad internet connection), i had to postpone my updates. but anyway here i am...trying my best to upload some pics i've promised everyone...

Craftworks for Charity Sale

Yes! Im kindly contributing some of my latest craftworks made during my free hours (home and at work) for the charity sale organized by Jazz --for more information, pls browse --> S.I.C

I've created few only..but hopefully will create more craftworks. Im so excited doing this. Well at least, other than just a hobby, im glad this is another reason for my serious commitment to this expensive hobby....for a good cause... y not kan? i hope u babehs join as well. Esoklah we create some more during our scrap session at bibie's ok?

meanwhile..let the pics speak for themselves (despite me giving up trying to upload the pics and typed down the captions every now n then...ngaleh ku nyamu brapa sudah draftnya keep on ilang....)

Multipurpose craftworks (car hangers/door hangers/bookmarks/wall frames)

& from my very own scrapbook album:

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