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Monday, May 12, 2008

Last week was a bit hectic for me..my schedule was killing me...I can't wait for my trip to KK..atleast a change of environment..a de~stressing trip for Bain, Mimi & I..my PMV students had their convocation last wednesday 7th May 2008. I did a 'poster' for the noticeboard..a simple, formal one..

We had a scrapsession again at Balkis last friday 9th May 2008..I started on Mateen's mini-album (my friend's son)..I'm satisfied with the outcome..Then, I did a few LO's on Mateen but it is not finished yet..Hopefully, I can get it done before 8th June 2008.hehehe...
Took this with my W910i..it was upside down when i uploaded it.hehehe
I have ordered a Lettering Book from Scholastic, Australia..it has stencils..can't wait for them to arrive & i ask my friend to buy me 8 in 1 decorating scissors..hehehe the final stock...hmmm...how many scissors do I actually need..well~ I can't resist..daa~

Before going to Balkis, I went to Jazz and do my shopping as always...erm..spend quite a lot again..($100++).Here are some stuff that I bought..After that, we went to Shabby Chic and bought papers again..by WE, I meant Mimi & I..hehehe We better stop buying stuff eh...*fingers-crossed*..

Oh yeah..Nani was the 1st person to give my b'day present..a scrapbook album from Innerspace..I LOVE IT!!..nice!!

It was beautifully wrapped...I was so 'sayang' to open it..LOL

The Present...(sorry, upside down..don't know what's wrong with the pic) hehehe.Thanks to Nani & Jai...
Ok, until here..cheers!
Lots of Love,
shopaholic chic