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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hello, it has been awhile from my last post..it was quite a busy week for me..Then again, I made the effort and went to Balkis's Scrapsession i.e. orientation stage...Mimi, Lulu & I..we didn't get to do LO's as all of us were busy 'shopping' and drooling over Balkis's extensive range of stuff..OMG..she could open a shop...spend $75 on some stuff at Balkis..It's really worthed..There are food, cupcakes and Ben & Jerry's ice cream also....oh yeah! met new friends, Ana who has a beautiful scrapbooking bag, Diana (my-ex sociology classmate in MD) & the other lady of whom I've forgotten to ask her name. I'm looking forward to the next session & this time, let us finally do some LO's..

The stuff that I bought:

Then, we decided to go to Shabby Chic, The Mall but there was a long queue..so, we decided to go to go to Scrapbook Delights & met Jazz for the first time..WOW...we were quite astonished with her stocks..OMG! We went crazy shopping again..I spent about $140 here..again, a good bargain..there are items which are 70% off..Mimi & I decided to buy the stacks of paper..2 stacks and we split the cost hehehe..cool...

Here are the stuff that I have bought at Jazz's (the papers are still with Mimi):

All this stuff 70% off (above)

p/s: a soft reminder to Balkis, don't forget my Toolkit Deluxe (sorry for the confusion) hehehe

With Love:
ms. shopaholic chic