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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Deep and Meaningful lyrics of "DIK" by WALI

Alrite readers...recently i only posted stuff regardings scrapbooking...but this time... hehe...im gonna share my current favorite song's lyrics by Wali -an indonesian band...still new...and this come from their very first album which is already out by now. Since nowadays im pretty much exposed to indonesian songs and dramas (due to the satellite available at home..) hehe so... it's an advantage for me too laaa.... to get myself updated wt latest songs directly frm the channels (other than watching my favorite drama cinta kirana....) and yes...gue bisa si...ngomong indon :P lol.... cut the crap! let's read thru the lyrics together...

" Dik "
by: Wali

Dik, aku pinta kau akan s’lalu setia
Dik, aku mohon kau s’lalu menemani
Saat ku tengah terluka
Kala ku tengah gundah

Ku akan menjagamu
Di bangun dan tidurmu
Di semua mimpi dan nyatamu
Ku akan menjagamu
Tuk hidup dan matiku
Tak ingin, tak ingin kau rapuh

Dik, jangan engkau pergi tinggalkan aku oh…
Dik, ingin aku cinta dan cinta s’lalu
Saat kau tengah terluka
Kala kau tengah gundah

Back to Reff:
Kau akan menjagaku

Di bangun dan tidurku
Di semua mimpi dan nyataku
Kau akan menjagaku
Tuk hidup dan matiku
Tak ingin, tak ingin kau rapuh

What mimiey has to say:
if we read thru carefully..the song is actually about a brother who is taking good care of his sister until one day... both of them died together on the same day.... very touching....
owh n the video clip itself..is very sad...and heartbreaking...just click on the link below for the video:


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