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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

Hey there! Im back wt more hot stuffs to share. But sorry for the time being..i havent got any pics uploaded yet. I've lost my memory card reader so i cant transfer the pics to my laptop yet.

Anyway... KK holiday was fun! We went to as further as 1Borneo in Likas & CityMall in Loyang (Im not sure with the spelling tho! pls correct me if im wrong... ) Tell u, 1 Borneo is like the biggest shopping mall in south east asia (based on the info), and it's like Sabah's KLCC or Midvalley. They even called the place around that area as Alamesra (does it ring ur bell? Remember Putrajaya's Alamanda?) And yeah..the place around that area looks a little bit like Putrajaya area. Very nice and huge university is cited nearby. The building itself (1 borneo) is not wholy finished yet. But Bibie was too excited to shop at the Esprit & MNG's shop. I even bought myself the MNG shades! I like it! Macam model! :P kah kah kah..... Owhhh..there was something happened that day at the MNG fitting room. Im not mentioning here...just refer to bibie. That incident really changed my mood that day... Embarrassing! But i didnt really show my anger to the salesgirl. May be it wasnt her intention but i still think it was wrong!

We had our early lunch at sushi King! The food were really good! It was their first opening day and we were their first customers. We spent around rm155 i think. Worth it lah the sushi! Eventho they dun hav some that we usually had at xcapade... but they also got some menus that we dun hav at xcapade... We love the Squid.... very well cooked...

We love the clothes from the Michi shop and the price were surprisingly cheap! I wanted to buy more but i didnt have enough cash that day since they don't have any money changer yet at that place... not even at the citymall. Owh..Citymall ada Primavera shop! Bibie was very excited! ;o). I wont talk about it ..but let's Bibie do her part! :P

The first day we arrived in KK.. We went for a breakfirst first at Starbuck since we cud't really check-into our hotel yet cuz it was still too early. So we had our shopping straight away at the centrepoint....BUT....due to the "No-Aircond" in the whole building.... we were sweating the whole day..... and it spoilt our shopping mood entirely...we couldn't wait to get out from the building as soon as we could... some of the salesperson there told us it had been like that since the past 3 days... Truk ah!!!! So we went out and continue our shopping at the warisan square... hehe...our favorite place!

For the whole two nights we had our dinner at the Gerai selera , waterfront. Yummy!!!
And as for me...the good thing about this trip, i surprisingly managed to control my shoppaholic habit... i only spent less than $600! :o) haha.... but still managed to buy more than what i usually had.... usually it was more than $1k.... what do u call it bie? hehe...

Anyway...this is it for now..im still waiting for the result from the challenge i joined it... i havent done any scrapbooking since last thursday.... will do when im in the mood... :o) for the meantime...i wanna watch the movie Apa kata hati or Prom night! hehe it's a hint! lol..sapa mau join?

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