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Monday, June 23, 2008

Lulu, Mfy & I had a SS yesterday at Lulu's place. Finally, I finished my friend's wedding card, have to admit that I'm not good with cards..hehehe Next time, I just commissioned my friend, Has to do the cards. She is really talented hahaha. Then, I started on Mfy's bubbly nephew LO..didn't quite finish it there as it was already 9pm. I continued when I reached home til midnight. I was too sleepy to upload it...

These are the LOs for Nani & Jai's cards for their upcoming wedding & it will surely come with a mini-fridge that she requested as her wedding gift ; ) :

Front cover

the inside part

MME paper
Plain card
Tracing paper
Flowers & Diamonds
Wedding Wishes Ribbon (large)
Rub ons
Grommets, eyelets & other emblishments

This LO is for MFY.Hope she likes it!!

"Mak Cum's huggable(payok!) nephew"

"As cute as a button" & "You make Mak Cum's heart sing"

MME papers
Teddy Bear ribbon (large)
K&CO epoxy stickers,emblishments,
Foam & Chipboards for name
Grommet & Brads

p/s: I'm planning to do an LO for a friend of mine, cK but he said he didn't want me to (i'm unsure whether he was serious or not?? at that time). hmmphh..what an ungrateful person you are hahaha...Too bad! I'm still going to do it... hahahhaha (*evil laugh*)

Til here, cheers!

Signing off with L.O.V.E,