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Thursday, June 12, 2008

LOs & Some Random Pics (+ Updates)

My bro just came back from Holland and he got me this bag! ;o)
Now he's in Korea..i wonder what else will he get for me? :P

Yes! Im a big fan of these two series! Love! Love Them! & Also Sex & The city! The movie is out soon! wuhoooo! im gonna watch it! join?

My tool kit deluxe - thanks to a dear friend who ordered this for me..it only cost me $60! :o) hehe...

I was so bored i took a picture of my table lamp! it does look good in the picture! or is it me, a good photog? lol...



Another project - scrapping a chocolate tin into this! :o) (featuring my mama)

TallyScrapper Challenge by Hidiley
Altered Packaging

The challenge is to redesign a plastic packaging. Since i still have lots of plastic container, so im making this one. I used ribbon too...to make the holder.

Another Project
Redesign the cover album

And......Focusing on the cover album :)

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